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Here are the answers to the most commonly asked questions about chiropractors in Kansas City. Knowing the answers to these important questions will help you pick the best chiropractor in Kansas City for you. If we didn't cover a question you may have, give us a call at (913) 721-0060 and we will be more than happy to help answer your question.

Frequently asked questions in Kansas City

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural way to allow the body to heal itself. Chiropractors look for areas of concern throughout the body and determine where there may be a misalignment or subluxation. The areas of misalignment put pressure on nerves and cause the body to react in many different ways, ranging from pain, numbness, headaches, loss of muscle strength, and organic issues. When the nerves of the spine have interference, there is not a proper signal reaching the areas that these nerves are traveling to. A chiropractor makes an adjustment in this area, which allows for proper nerve flow and reduces the symptoms you are experiencing.

Can I adjust myself?

The answer to that question is no. Many people think that the “popping” sound in your spine is the adjustment, but moving the joint that is out of alignment is the actual adjustment. Sometimes there is a sound when the adjustment is performed and other times there is no sound. A chiropractor performs an exam to find the area of concern where there may be a subluxation. These are the areas that need a specific correction to decrease inflammation and promote healing in the body.

Is Chiropractic Expensive?

Chiropractic care is more affordable than traditional medical care. We strive to keep our prices competitive by keeping a low overhead cost and providing care to you that best fits your needs. We provide options for you as the patient, as we understand that some insurance plans have minimal chiropractic benefits or none at all. We tailor plans to make it affordable so everyone has the opportunity to receive care. We also offer wellness plans at a discount to help those that keep chiropractic as a standard in their lives. Of course, we discuss all of this with you before proceeding with your care. That way you are never left in the dark and are never surprised by an unwanted bill.

Does Chiropractic treatment hurt?

Many patients feel immediate relief following chiropractic treatment, but some may experience mild soreness, stiffness or aching. Similar to the soreness you feel after a workout. Typically if you experience some soreness after an adjustment, it begins to fade within 24 hours.

Is Chiropractic treatment safe?

Chiropractic is widely recognized as one of the safest drug-free, non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal complaints. More and more people are choosing chiropractic care due to the low-risk factors involved with treatment. Although chiropractic has a great safety record, no medical treatment is without risk factors.

What is the “popping” sound?

Adjustment of a joint may result in the release of a gas bubble between the joints, which makes a popping sound. The same thing occurs when you “crack” your knuckles. The noise is caused by the change of pressure within the joint, which results in gas bubbles being released.

Is it safe for babies and kids?

Yes, babies and kids can benefit from chiropractic care. Many of our patients will bring in their babies within the first couple months they are born. This starts them out on the right path to improve their wellness. The adjustment is very gentle and usually the mother with hold the baby while the adjustment is performed. Children also do very well with chiropractic. Children are very physically active and experience many types of falls and blows from activities of daily living as well as from participating in sports. Injuries such as these may cause many symptoms including back and neck pain, stiffness, soreness or discomfort. Chiropractic care is always adapted to the individual patient. It is a highly skilled treatment, and in the case of children, very gentle.

Is it safe if I’m pregnant?

Of course! Chiropractic works wonderful with women who are pregnant. Pregnancy can cause all different types of symptoms, and our goal is to help you through this beautiful time in your life. That way you can remain comfortable and healthy along the way. By adjusting the pelvis, the lower back often times will relax and the common lower back pain with pregnancy is not present. Keeping the pelvis asymmetrical also provides proper alignment for easy birthing.

What is Acupuncture?

Traditional Chinese medicine explains acupuncture as a technique for balancing the flow of energy. This is done by using tiny needles, pressure or micro current of electricity. The bodies natural energy flows through meridians that are stimulated by Acupuncture in an attempt to balance out this energy.

What can Acupuncture treat?

Acupuncture can help almost any health condition naturally. Some common treatments are infertility, headaches or migraines, muscle aches, sinus pressure, chronic pain, dental pain, labor pain, respiratory disorders and allergies to name a few. Ask one of our doctors how Acupuncture may benefit you.

Does insurance cover Acupuncture?

Some health insurance plans do cover acupuncture. If your insurance plan does not, we can accommodate a payment plan for you that you can afford. Whether that be weekly or monthly payments, we can help you through the process.

Do I have to keep getting adjusted once I start?

This answer is completely up to you, but consider this before you make your decision. Why do I go to the dentist? Why do I have medical check ups? Why do I perform maintenance on my car? These are all great questions because they all of the same answer, because we want to stay healthy and keep everything working the way it should. Chiropractic is no different, maintenance care is like wearing retainers after you have had braces. Bones will migrate back to their original position if we don’t maintain them. Maintenance or wellness adjustment can be anywhere from 1-4 weeks depending on how your body responds. Many of our patients come to our office for a particular issue and continue their care after their issue has been resolved.

How is an adjustment performed?

Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is a manual procedure that utilizes the highly refined skills developed during the doctor of chiropractic’s intensive years of chiropractic education. The chiropractic physician typically uses his or her hands to manipulate the joints of the body in order to restore or enhance joint function. This often helps resolve joint inflammation and reduces the patient’s pain. Chiropractic manipulation is a highly controlled procedure that rarely causes discomfort. The chiropractor adapts the procedure to meet the specific needs of each patient. Patients often note positive changes in their symptoms immediately following treatment.

What type of education do Chiropractors have?

Doctors of chiropractic are educated in orthopedics, neurology, physiology, human anatomy, clinical diagnosis including laboratory procedures, diagnostic imaging, exercise, nutrition rehabilitation and more. Because chiropractic care includes highly skilled manipulation/adjusting techniques, a significant portion of time is spent in clinical technique training to master these important manipulative procedures. In total, the chiropractic college curriculum includes a minimum of 4,200 hours of classroom, laboratory and clinical experience. The course of study is approved by the Council on Chiropractic Education, an accrediting agency that is fully recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.

Are all adjustment performed the same way?

No. Adjustment can be done in many ways. At Abundant Life Chiropractic we listen to you and provide you the care you deserve. We have been trained extensively in our technique and will always make sure you are comfortable before proceeding with your care.

If I had surgery can I still be adjusted?

Absolutely! Depending on your surgery, a chiropractor can still make adjustments to your spine around these areas. In fact, areas around the surgery site should be adjusted to provide proper joint function. Restoring the motion to these joints helps take the pressure off nerves, and gives the body the best chance to stay healthy.


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